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Who is Europass for?

The documents developed within the Europass initiative are intended for all citizens of the 28 EU Member States, then of Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway and Switzerland - members of the European Free Trade Association, as well as of the FYR Macedonia and Turkey.

The Europass Curriculum Vitae, Language Passport, Certificate Supplement, Diploma Supplement and Mobility are available to individuals, companies and education institutions wishing to participate in the projects related to mobility and lifelong learning. A set of these five documents has resulted from a need to facilitate mobility for education and working purposes throughout Europe and to overcome limitations related to various geographic areas, cultural communities and education systems.

The Europass documents contribute greatly to the transparency of qualifications and competences. They are regarded as a very important tool for achieving personal and professional objectives. They are particularly useful to the individuals interested in permanent or temporary work abroad, training or acquisition of a new academic experience. However, the Europass documents provide numerous advantages not only to the individuals looking for a job or interested in additional education, but also to employers who use them to get an insight into knowledge, skills and competences of potential employees in a simple, comprehensive and straightforward manner.

There are no limitations to the application of the documents included in the Europass initiative in terms of one's age, level of education or employment status, which has been recognised by numerous users who have applied the Europass documents very successfully in order to achieve personal and professional progress in all segments of their activities.