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The Europass curriculum vitae is a personal document that provides you with the opportunity to present your skills and qualifications in a clear and comprehensive way to potential employers, educational institutions and other relevant parties. The Europass CV includes the following categories:
• personal data;
• work experience, educational and vocational achievements, language skills;
• additional competences with an emphasis on technical, organisational, artistic and social skills, as well as on the knowledge gained through non-formal learning methods;
• additional information to be used to supplement your CV (in the form of one or several annexes).

The information on a holder of the Europass curriculum vitae is given chronologically, and it is easy to adapt them to a specific purpose. The content of your Europass curriculum vitae may be updated or changed at any time.

The Europass curriculum vitae (CV) is a pillar of the overall Europass initiative. This document, as well as the Europass Language Passport, is to be filled out by yourself. They are available on the website of the Croatian National Europass Centre thanks to a link to the CEDEFOP website (the European Centre for the Development of Vocational Training). There is no need to request them from any official body.

An example of a completed Europass curriculum vitae

While filling out your Europass curriculum vitae online, you can decide on the fields to be filled out or left blank. Upon completion, the blank fields will not be shown in a final version of your document, so your CV will be concise and comprehensive.

Before filling out your Europass curriculum vitae, we advise you to read the Instructions for filling out the CV.

How can I obtain the Europass curriculum vitae?

You can obtain this document both in paper and electronic form in two manners.
The first one implies creating your Europass CV online by filling out the form available on the link below. While entering your data, the application directs you to filling out various sections of this document. Once you have completed, click the Save your CV button. The CV filled out in this manner will be saved on your computer, so it will be available for any change whenever you need it.

Create your Europass CV online

The second manner of creating the Europass CV provides you with a possibility to save a blank form on your computer before filling it out. A completed document will be saved on your computer and you will also be able to supplement or change it whenever your find it necessary. A blank Europass CV form can be obtained at the link below.

Download the Europass CV template on your computer

You can obtain the Europass CV free of charge.