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Language Passport

Professional achivements are not the only advantage contributing to your successful job search. A prominent role is also played by candidate’s social and communication skills, particulary language skills.
Therefore the Council of Europe developed the Europass Language Passport to be used for self-assessment of your language skills and recording duration of language learning and gaining cultural experience and competence.
The role of the Europass Language Passport is both educational and informative:
• encouraging citizens to upgrade their capacity to communicate in foreign languages and gain new experience;
• recording one’s language skills in a clear, informative, comprehensive and reliable way.
Europass Language Passport is invaluable to its holder since it enables him/her, among other things, to present his/her language skills according to the common criteria that can be identified and recognised throughout Europe. The Language Passport is filled out and updated regularly by its holder who describes his/her language skills following the general criteria applied in Europe.
In order to self-assess your language competence, at your disposal you have a table with a detailed description of the levels of language skills developed according to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages that standardises language skills at European level.
You can enclose diplomas and certificates awarded during language learning at school, as well as describe your entire formal or non-formal experience acquired during language learning at language courses or in other situations.

How can I obtain the Europass Language Passport?

The Europass Language Passport can be obtained by deciding to:
1. Fill it out at the CEDEFOP website to be accessed from this location.
2. Save it as a .pdf or .xml file on your computer.
3. Print it on your printer.

or by selecting the option to

Download the Europass Language Passport template on your computer.

Your Europass Language Passport can be updated or changed according to your needs.

An example of a completed Europass Language Passport

Please note!
Before filling out your Europass Language Passport in a form available at the website (the online preparation of the document), you are advised to look into the table with a detailed description of levels aimed at more accurate and precise self-assessment of language skills.

Instructions for filling out the Europass Language Passport

The table for the self-assessment of language skills according to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages

You can obtain the Europass Language Passport free of charge.