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Certificate Supplement

A certificate on completed vocational education issued in the Republic of Croatia cannot be compared easily to a certificate awarded in e.g. Portugal or Hungary since education structures and teaching content set at the national level differ greatly among countries.
Therefore, the Europass Certificate Supplement is intended for persons who completed any form of vocational education. It supplements their certificate in the form of an annex, and provides information to the third party – particularly to persons in a foreign country – on competencies and skills attained by a certificate holder during education.

What exactly does the Europass Certificate Supplement include?

This document describes standards that are specific for a given country. They can be applied to any occupation for which training is available through completion of a programme from the field of vocational education.
The Europass Certificate Supplement contains a short description of knowledge, skills and competencies acquired during vocational education, including additional information on programme's duration, type and level, as well as precise chronology of the teaching process related to acquiring these skills.
In addition, this document specifies typical sectors and fields of activity related to qualifications of a certificate holder, including a marking scale.

It is important to note that the Europass Certificate Supplement does not replace the official certificate, so this document does not present a basis for requesting formal recognition of the official certificate by authorised institutions in other countries.

How can I obtain the Europass Certificate Supplement?

Normally the Europass Certificate Supplement is supplied either by the relevant state authority to citizens who hold a relevant certificate according to the regulations established at national level, or by educational and vocational institutions that issued the official certificate, respectively.
However, in the Republic of Croatia it is not possible to obtain the Europass Certificate Supplement at this moment since the elaboration of this document is underway, as well as setting a formal and legal framework for its introduction. Therefore, there is an open question of institutions that will be receiving requests about this document.
The information related to the official issue of the Europass Certificate Supplement will be published promptly at this website (

An example of the Europass Certificate Supplement

You can obtain the Europass Certificate Supplement free of charge.