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The Europass Mobility is a personal document used to record a period of learning or training spent abroad. Its purpose is a better assessment and recognition of your experience, skills and competences thus acquired in Europe. Therefore, this document is used to record experience gained during any type of learning or trainin, referring to all levels aimed at fulfilling any educational goal under the condition that this procedure meets certain quality criteria.

The Europass Mobility is to be completed by both sending and host institutions included in the mobility project, using a language agreed jointly with the project beneficiary, in addition to other participating organisations.

The document contains the personal data requiring a consent to be given by a holder of the document to institutions completing the form, while the only compulsory piece of personal data that should be entered is the user's name.
The Europass Mobility has numerous advantages both for users and organisations/companies included in mobility. People spending a period of learning or training abroad obtain the official document thus proving their knowledge and competences acquired during their participation in the mobility project in a simple and comprehensive way, while organisations and companies obtain a detailed and clear insight into the skills acquired by the Europass holder in a foreign country and use it for a better and more objective assessment.
Moreover, an informative character of the Europass Mobility makes it useful when applying to job announcements, creating advantages both to its users and potential employers.

This document is intended for citizens of the 27 EU Member States, members of the European Free Trade Association (Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway and Switzerland) and for all the citizens of Croatia and Turkey, who are current or former participants of educational programmes, training, apprenticeship, initial or in-service vocational training, higher education exchange during an academic year, placement or temporary work at a company, voluntary work in a non-governmental organisation, etc.
An example of a completed Europass Mobility

How can I obtain the Europass Mobility?

The Europass Mobility is available both in paper and electronic form.
You can obtain it upon a request to organisations included in a mobility project. Their participation in the project authorises them for issuing this document.
However, as a future holder of the Europass Mobility you cannot request it directly. First, you need the approval for establishing the cooperation between two partner organisations – the one in your home country, e.g. your employer or higher education institution, and the other one, which is your host organisation in another country. The two partner institutions harmonise the content of an academic or a vocational training and apply for issuing the Europass Mobility to a National Europass Centre or another body in their home country authorised for awarding this document.
This procedure refers both to paper and electronic form of the Europass Mobility.

You can obtain the Europass Mobility free of charge.

The Europass Mobility application has been available to Croatian partners participating in the mobility experiences since March 2012 on the following link.

If your institution is a partner in the project of transnational mobility as a sending or host partner, register in the Europass Mobility Management System and provide a valid recognition of the acquired professional and educational experiences for the mobility participants.